VOICES: At Vision is Priceless, there are many who help behind the scenes

Published Saturday, July 3, 2004

VOICES: At Vision is Priceless, there are many who help behind the scenes


Every day there are special people in our community who help out behind the scenes.

At the Vision Is Priceless Council, we count on such special people to help keep Northeast Florida eyes healthy. The Cared Vision Network is a group of eye care professionals who donate their time and resources to those in need of eye examinations and glasses.

Michael A. Powers is one such participant. He is committed to helping those in need. In fact, he recently won the Will H. Wasson Award from Vision is Priceless for his efforts during the past year.

In addition to Powers, the staff at his Arlington office go out of their way to be accommodating. Behind the scenes, Nel Nevins of Arlington is one member of the staff who helps out whenever needed. She is easy to work with and always eager to be of assistance. She is quick to respond and pays attention to details. Her hard work is deeply appreciated.

“I really enjoy the Cared Vision Network because it gives me such a sense of satisfaction to know that we are helping to preserve the sight of a child or an adult. Without our help, they might suffer from a disease that would rob them of their sight,” said Nevins. “This is definitely a good program.”

“An eye examination can determine if medical problems exist,” said Nevins. “The doctor checks eye health, pressure, the cornea and the retina. You can have something wrong and not even know it.”

Many times, eye diseases and conditions can be successfully treated with early intervention. Even with some diseases, such as glaucoma, where there is not yet a cure, the disease can be controlled with proper medical treatment. This is the reason that annual eye examinations are so important for children and adults. Early intervention is the key to success and the key to healthy eyes.

“I love my job and really see its importance when I help people get their glasses. When they put them on for the first time and can really see, they leave happy. That makes me feel happy,” said Nevins. “I especially love helping children.”

Anyone can help out the Vision Is Priceless Council, added Nevins.

“Even if you’re not an eye care professional or a staff member, you can volunteer to help with vision screenings at schools, community health fairs or other places. Volunteers are a big part of fund-raising activities, and they can also help out in the office. For me, it’s nice to know that just by doing my job, I’m helping someone else have a better life.”

Leslie Manning, coordinator of the Cared Vision Network, said: “Nel is just wonderful. She’s able to arrange appointments for our patients within their schedules. She is always accommodating. Nel makes it easy to help the people in our community.”

Nevins, Powers and the many members of the Cared Vision Network help make this a great community for all of us.

The non-profit Vision Is Priceless Council works to preserve the vision of Northeast Florida residents through programs such as free screening and early detection of potential eye disease. For more information, call 308-2020 or visit Jacksonville.com, keywords: vision is priceless.

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