VOICES: Longtime volunteer earns special honor from Vision Is Priceless

VOICES: Longtime volunteer earns special honor from Vision Is Priceless

A community pillar is someone recognized as a steadfast member of society, someone whose dedication and commitment to the area is greater than most. Anne McIntosh is one such person.

A dedicated volunteer and founding board member, McIntosh has been exceptionally loyal to the Vision Is Priceless Council.

With her colleagues on the board, McIntosh provides wisdom and insight into community happenings and how best to serve the diverse groups in the community.

“Board members are integral to the success of VIP,” said Carol Baumer, executive director of VIP. “Often, they act as a sounding board and provide gentle guidance, always keeping the organization on track to provide the most-needed services in the most cost-efficient manner.”

Anne McIntosh (left) and Carol Baumer at the Vision is Priceless Council annual meeting Special

Interest in a community organization is understandable, but what causes a person to devote so many years of their life to a cause such as vision? In McIntosh’s case, she and her husband, Charles B. McIntosh, a pediatrician, have a passion for nurturing and encouraging children.

“I want those in our area to receive the best care possible,” Anne McIntosh said.

The vision screenings provided by VIP at schools, day-care centers, libraries, health centers, community centers and other locations are important for identifying children who need to see an eye care professional for a complete exam.

At the recent annual meeting of the board of the Vision Is Priceless Council at San Jose Country Club, McIntosh was recognized for her service with two awards.

The Jane M. Wynn Award recognizes individuals who share in the council’s founding supporter’s dedication to excellence in upholding the motto of “Keeping First Coast Eyes Healthy,” said Baumer.

McIntosh has served as secretary on the board since VIP was founded.

“Anne’s service has been remarkable,” said Mary Harvey, immediate past chairwoman. “Very few people demonstrate the level of commitment to an organization the way Anne has done.”

To recognize her extraordinary service, McIntosh was also the recipient of a Visionary Award, reserved for those chosen as lifetime board members. These select few have been recognized for their service. In McIntosh’s case, her service has extended over a period of more than 20 years.

“I’ve always enjoyed my work with the Vision Is Priceless Council,” said McIntosh. “It’s just been an awesome experience to be a part of such a fine group.”

Many members of the board agree with McIntosh’s reflections.

“As I move into the position of [chairman] on the board,” said Warren Chandler, “I find it easier to accept such a level of responsibility based on the examples I have seen go before me. The dedication and commitment exhibited by Anne is a model for which all of us in the community can strive.”

It is a testament to the work of McIntosh and others before her that an organization such as VIP maintains its successful programs and services even as its members retire and move on to other ventures.

“The future of Vision Is Priceless looks bright because it shines with the dignity and honor of those who have laid the groundwork for a better community,” said Chandler.

The non-profit Vision Is Priceless Council works to preserve the vision of Northeast Florida residents through programs such as free screening and early detection of potential eye disease. For more information, call 308-2020 or visit Jacksonville.com, keywords: vision is priceless.

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